Two Easy Lesson Plans That Solve Your Biggest Time Problems & Knowledge Gaps Working with Outlook and Excel

Outlook: Easing Your Pain. Enhancing Your Gain

Do you spend too much time working with your emails?

How about managing your contacts? Or items to follow up on?

These PC Outlook lessons combine clever thinking with often ignored or (unknown) features and will save you days of your life.

After the 16 Quick Tip lessons, you will become a master of email time management, communication, customer service, follow-up and response.

Excel: Work Smarter & Make Your Database Your Goldmine

Learn how to do in 15 minutes what takes others days.

No matter where you store your database information, you can make magic happen with it in Excel. 

You’ll learn tricks on cleaning, de-duping, massaging and fixing your information.

This program is not only about databases. The tips on summerising, graphing, tabulating, merging and printing will have you kicking yourself for not knowing them before.

“Debbie, Just one tip alone would have saved our business from hiring three temps working three weeks on our database.”

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Cindy Morrison You have taught me more about data basing in a few short emails and one session, than any other before you”

Debby Sinclair I am watering at the mouth. This is just what i needed. The bite size is definitely great as anything more for business people is overload. I just signed up!

Bianca Painter “Thanks for your tip today. I’ve started dragging & dropping – wish I had known about this years ago, I might not have so many frown crinkles”

Philip Armstrong “The subscription rate to our email of the month has increased by 300% since we adopted a strategy which we got from you.”

How The Two 16-Week Quick Tip Programs Work:

  • Each week you get a short, succinct lesson emailed to you comprised of:
    • A highlighted pain point
    • Your solution explained
    • A link to a one-two minute exact how-to video where a quick explanation won’t suffice
    • Not one second of your time is wasted on fluff
  • You get a full one year follow up by Debbie when the program ends
  • If you have a question not covered by the lessons, email Debbie for your answer
  • As a gift, two companion e-books
    • For Excel: Make Your Database Your Goldmine
    • For Outlook: Conquer Your Email Overload

Still Not Sure?

Why subscribe when I can look it up on Google or YouTube?

  • You have to know the tip or function beforehand to search for instructions. I propose to show you shortcuts and features you didn’t know about.
  • You’ll saved wasted hours trawling through search results to find your solution.

Why Choose Debbie’s Quick Tip Boot Camps?

  • You’ll benefit from Debbie’s in-depth knowledge on MS software. She has been studying, using and exploring the software for over 20 years.
  • You’ll get the latest of one of the five books Debbie has written on Outlook and Excel.
  • Named Ms. Productivity by the media, Debbie is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in New Zealand and Australia; in the top 7% of speakers globally and well-loved for her practical, plain talking technology quick tips. Author of 16 bestselling books, as well as a media columnist, Debbie has sharpened the activity of over 1 million individuals around the world through her presentations, quick tip newsletters, articles, books, videos.

Why not a webinar?

  • You’ll save lots of time and other participants are eliminated
  • Each lesson is a wonderful bite of knowledge. Easy to do, easy to refer back to. You can save them all in an email folder
  • 16 focused top tips that will have significant impact on your productivity and computer skills.

What You Need

  1. An Internet connection
  2. Ability to watch (and hear) videos (hosted on a private locked YouTube channel)
  3. The lesson and video can be watched on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  4. The Outlook and Excel lessons are PC based and apply to MS Office 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Once you register, Debbie will be in touch immedidiately to set up the lessons for you (and your team- if registered).

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